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US Visa Applications

American Visa Services is a specialist in US Visas and Immigration matters. People traveling to the USA can face a number of difficulties or constraints during the Visa Application stage.

American Visa Services will provide expert assistance with short-term, long-term and permanent travel to the USA. Applications are lodged with precision and in a timely fashion.

Who Should Apply?

Citizens from certain countries face a higher risk of decline to their US Visa Application, simply due to their country of origin. We provide a global service for people in all countries of the world, with an in-depth understanding of factors affecting US Visa Approvals.

Whether you are traveling for holidays or business, we can help and guide you through the process.

Who is at Risk?

Besides your country of origin, many other factors impact on your ability to gain entry to the USA – such as criminal history, including offenses such as Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

Regardless of your circumstance, the best method is to request a free upfront briefing. Your risk of decline will be assessed before any form of payment is requested.

US Consulate

Inside the US Consultate

The woman behind American Visa Services is Mary Graham – who has 29 years experience working inside the US Consulate, in Sydney Australia.

Mary is an expert dealing with US Visa Applications and American Immigration matters. Mary’s specialised background gives you the very best chance of gaining US Visa Approval with minimal fuss.

American Suitcase

Free Upfront Assessment for Individuals

Before you begin a US Visa Application, talk to us about a free US Visa briefing and assessment.

Determine the barriers or constraints on your application before all the paperwork is completed and lodged! Then all you need to worry about is packing your bags.

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